Wednesday, January 19, 2011


This adorable little guy belongs to my friend, and amazing actress, Noelle Evangelisti. I love his little bad boy "Our Gang" tooth! What a cutie!

Friday, January 7, 2011

I had a "first" today. Being an avid animal lover, I'd never experienced rescuing a dog. On my way back from picking up some Thai take out from my new fav place, The Pink Elephant, I saw a dog wandering in our neighborhood off leash. This usually means an escapee. At first glance, I thought it was a coyote, but as I got closer, it was a beautiful, tan and white young Husky.

As I slowed down to assess the situation, the pup started crossing dangerously into the street. Luckily, there isn't heavy traffic on this particular street, but it can still be treacherous. As soon as I slowed to a stop, the dog came right up to my car as if he wanted in. Not sure of his temperament, I did baby talk through the window crack. Eventually, I let her in.

Now this pup obviously had ridden in a car before, because she had great manners and laid right down on the back seat.

I drove to my vet to see if they could check for a chip. Hallelujah! She had one!
Turns out, her name was Lanny and her owner showed up, enormously grateful.
I'd say it was a satisfying day. Phew!

And, by the way, I usually take pictures of everything, but didn't even think of taking hers. I guess I was too consumed with getting her back to her home. Doh!