Saturday, October 15, 2011

SAVING ZIPPO!!! (blog post is not finished yet)

Today was the best day ever! I did my first doggie rescue! This little guy was in danger of being put to sleep at the East Valley Shelter, but was saved by an amazing group of people.

I worried about him all Friday night. When I got up on Saturday, I called the shelter at about 7:15am to see if he was still "there". Someone actually answered the phone at that hour even though they didn't open til 8am. I made sure to be there the minute they opened.

When the officer took me to his kennel. He and two other little chihuahuas came running to the gate as if they just knew someone was there for them. The officer actually got a kick out of it too. We had a little visit in one of the rooms and I was in love. While there, I got the impression that he was a shelter fav. As I was leaving with him, one of the workers saw us and with a big smile called out, "Zippo! I just love Zippo!"